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When the Trailer Park Moves to Suburbia

I don’t know how many of you know that I am originally from the South. I hail from the great state of Florida, (Go Gators!) from a little area called Pensacola. Its in the panhandle right underneath Mississippi and Alabama. … Continue reading

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Sweet? Or Creepy?

Have you ever had a love song message left for you? I did about 2 weeks a go. Seems sweet, right? They played the song all the way thorough and even let the DJ on the station say the name … Continue reading

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And another random thing….

Number 26:  (I totally forgot about this one but its just too good to pass up!!) A man told me once that my voice was so good and I sang so well that I made his loins ache. How could … Continue reading

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As promised…Proof that I need a better filter sometimes.

I went to St. George this weekend. It was beautiful and freezing. Isn’t southern Utah supposed to be warm or something? Yeah, I know its winter but come on! Its the desert. And the old people live there. And it’s … Continue reading

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Trying to keep up with yourself is kinda fun!

Have you ever tried to have two conversations at the same time? How about two different conversations with the same person? That is really fun to try to do. It’s kind of hard to not mix up the conversations with … Continue reading

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Hi again!

I just realized how long its been since I said something on here. Not to mention that my last post was the sad one. Y’all must think that I need some happy help or something. In all honesty, I’m a … Continue reading

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Would you buy this?

I found out today that the evil devil lady who was the property manager of a place I used to live in is no longer working for that company. This thought filled my heart with happiness and joy. (Yes, I … Continue reading

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Hey Kids! How Life?

So, I finally decided to try out this blogging thing. I don’t really have anything special to say at this particular time so I’m going to just ramble for a bit. Hope you’re ok with that. If not, oh well. … Continue reading

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A Pet Peeve of mine.

Do you know what just tweaks my melon somethin’ fierce? It doesn’t need to as much as it does but it does as much as it does……Christmas forever early. It gives me a twitch in my left eye a little. … Continue reading

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