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Are You Dizzy Yet? Pt. 4

So, as I was just reviewing all that I’ve written the past little bit, I’ve realized that none of this is dizzying at all. The dizzying bit that I’ve been referring to is how I got to where I am … Continue reading

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When the Trailer Park Moves to Suburbia

I don’t know how many of you know that I am originally from the South. I hail from the great state of Florida, (Go Gators!) from a little area called Pensacola. Its in the panhandle right underneath Mississippi and Alabama. … Continue reading

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A Funeral For A Baby: The Production

Has anyone else noticed how this year has been death crazy? People are dropping like flies. 2009 seems to be the Grim Reaper of the Decade. Ok, not really but, man, a lot of people have croaked. Especially celebrities. If  … Continue reading

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Trying to keep up with yourself is kinda fun!

Have you ever tried to have two conversations at the same time? How about two different conversations with the same person? That is really fun to try to do. It’s kind of hard to not mix up the conversations with … Continue reading

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Hi again!

I just realized how long its been since I said something on here. Not to mention that my last post was the sad one. Y’all must think that I need some happy help or something. In all honesty, I’m a … Continue reading

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Kinda sad day today

I work with people with disabilities. I’ve been doing this for quite some time. I love what I do. Its definately not a job for the money. As a matter of fact, I get paid squat. My clients make it … Continue reading

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