Are You Dizzy Yet? Pt. 4

Yeah, nothing really special in this post. Just tying up loose ends.

So, as I was just reviewing all that I’ve written the past little bit, I’ve realized that none of this is dizzying at all. The dizzying bit that I’ve been referring to is how I got to where I am today. Which is not where I thought I would be. Ever. But here I am.

Don’t know where that is? Don’t worry. I’ll get to that. Eventually. Hopefully sooner than later.

But this post is going to be the finishing up of the cross-country-roadtrip with Mark. Then I’ll do another post telling you about life in Virginia and some of the insanity that ensued. And then you’ll learn about all that happened to get me here. And THEN I’ll get you up to speed on life in the now. Good game plan? Sweet. Game on!

So, where were we? Oh yeah. Baxter, TN. With Uncle Lawrence and girlfriend Sherry. Awesome peoples btw. They don’t do much but camp a lot and cook a bunch over the open fire. They dig that. All-in-all, it was good to re-meet my Uncle. I’ve figured out the uncontrollable giggling comes from my Dad’s side of the family. I’m glad to know I have genetics to blame for that one.

Breakfast was had. Hugs were given. Goodbyes shared. On the road again. This time, we were headed to New Tazewell, TN to go visit my friends Missie and Jared. I hadn’t seen them since I had DJ’d their wedding. It was great to see them. Jared even fixed my lighter in my car. I had my car for 6 years and that stupid lighter/power outlet thingy never worked. Jared makes mention of it probably being a blown fuse and BAM! Problem fixed. If only he had been around 3 days earlier at the start of the roadtrip. But then, Mark wouldn’t have introduced me to the awesomeness of Graphic Audio: A movie in your MIND. They did get a little (A LOT) racy here and there though. Fair warning for the innocent ones. Definitely not rated G.

Tennessee is a BEAUTIFUL state. I think it was my favorite place on this road trip. And I didn’t even get to see the big towns at all. It was all country. If I were rustic, I would want to live there.

Anyway, after our visit with the Robert’s, we were headed to Walmart (to get stuff for the car now that it had external power) and back on the road to our final destination. Norfolk, VA. Mark and I had some serious talk time, which I had been waiting for. It was nice. I really missed having him around. He had to go and move to San Diego and stuff. And now, here I am, moving all the way across the continent. Good plan for keeping good friend close, right? It was nice to know that he was going to be coming back out to the area for school in the near future. It’s always nice having familiarity in strange places. Makes you feel more comfortable.

And, well, we drove through Virginia. Then we made it into Norfolk. It was about 2 am or so when we got there. I woke everyone up so they could say Hi to me and that was that. Took me a while to come down from the 5 Hour Energy thingy that I had swigged about 3 hours before but that was about it. We had made it.

I guess that’s it for this portion of story time with Mishimmy. Until next time Kids!


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