Are you dizzy yet? Pt. 3

Ok. When we last got together for story time, we were in Kansas City in the room with the bathroom with no door. Luckily, no peek-a-boo moments in the potty.

Morning was morning. Nothing too terribly special. Got up, got cleaned up, ate breakfast, said many Thank You’s and Good Bye’s, and went on our merry little way. Many many many thanks to Amber and her family for being so fantastic and letting so many strangers pass through their home.

Next stop: Baxter, Tennessee.

We were headed to stay with my Uncle Lawrence. I hadn’t seen him since I was 5 years old. 23 years of my life had passed by. The last time I saw him was around the time my Paw-paw (that’s “grandpa” for all those who don’t know southern 5 year old lingo)  passed away. So, this was going to be a family reunion.

Driving along, la la la, nothing to fantastical. Missouri was rather reminiscent of Kansas with a few minor details. Like the drivers suck. A lot. I’m pretty sure they’re worse than drivers in Utah. And that’s saying something. And their slow. Not my favorite. AND their cranky. AND they don’t have postcards. I figured they must have real self-loathing issues if they don’t have postcards. What state doesn’t have postcards?  Even Rhode Island has postcards (I think) and they’re barely visible on the map.

Google maps hates Missouri too. Or me. Either way, it hated something on that trip. And thanks to my phone battery dying so quickly all the time (don’t get a blackberry. They aren’t all that great. Actually, the suck.) and my poor car power supply cigarette lighter thingy never having worked, I couldn’t use my GPS. I mean, I had way too many things I had to tweet about along the way. Priorities. I’ve get them straight. So, no GPS usage. Google maps print off’s were how we decided to go. Ok, how I decided to go. I take full responsibility. So, driving along in St. Louis, in a tsunami, and waiting for some phantom road to take us onto another interstate to take us to another interstate to take us into Tennessee. And the phantom road never came because it was a ghost and only showed up on electronics. That’s how that works, right? Long story short (hahahahahaha! Yeah, right.), we got a little lost. But we found our way to where we were supposed to go (that road really doesn’t exist except in Google Maps’ head) and headed into Kentucky and the tiniest bit of Illinois.

You know what’s in Illinois??? Superman’s HOME!! Yep, we found METROPOLIS!!!!! For reals. Like, really reals. Mark has a friend who is a HUGE Superman fan so we had to stop and take pictures and the like. Not to mention get gas in the car, go to the potty and eat some dinner. And take pictures as Superman. I had one as Supergirl but that was on one of the Blackberry’s that burned up so the picture went with it. That’s another part of the story for a later time.

After all our fun and games in Metropolis, we got back on the road and headed on into Tennessee. It was getting really late and dark and sleepy. Not to mention my uncle is old and goes to bed at 8 pm. No joke. I guess that’s what happens when you get old. I’m well on my way to that now. Ugh. BUT not there just yet. So that’s good.

I saw a possum for the first time on my Uncle’s street. They are ugly suckers, aren’t they?

We got into Baxter, TN around midnight or something and chatted with Uncle Lawrence for a bit. He loved Mark. Who doesn’t though, right? I’m sure all of you do too just by reading these posts and hearing how great he is. And I’m not exaggerating about him either. He really is as fantastic as I’m telling you. Maybe even more. So my uncle decided he’s part of the family, “even though he is a puddle pirate.”

And so we slept again. This is the night that started my 7+ months of sleeping on couches. If you are ever grateful for anything in life, be grateful for your bed. Just trust me on this one.

And so ends the third day on my adventure to Hampton Roads, VA. I know, so exciting, huh? The next time we get together for story time will be the last day of our cross-country drive. And, may I just say, if you’ve never done a cross-country roadtrip, remedy that. Quickly.


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One Response to Are you dizzy yet? Pt. 3

  1. kait says:

    OH! i didn’t know you stopped through Baxter. Maybe I used to know and forgot, but yay. That’s comparatively out in the country, but right next to the town where I went to school!

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