Are you dizzy yet? Pt. 2

Circles are round.

Yep. They sure are. That’s what I feel like I’ve been going in for the past 6 months or so. Circles. Or just one really big circle that keeps me off center. Or maybe there have been a lot of them that have been interconnecting, taking me all over the place just to see how dizzy I get before I puke.

I just need a quick moment to re-orient myself and jump up and down. (Have you ever tried that? It works! The next time you get dizzy, instead of turning yourself in circles going the other direction, stop and jump up and down. You’ll be good as new. Just give it a try. You can thank me later.)

Anyway, back to my rambling from my tangent. I started telling you a story that started about 6 months ago… (in case you need a reminder, just click on the blue words.)

Mark and I got a room. Only because we had to! Goodness, you people and your minds! We got snowed off the freeway, remember? Anyway, we stayed in Dillon for the night. We were sad that we weren’t able to go dancing and see everyone in CO but at least we were, you know, alive and all that. So that’s something.

The next day, we got all cleaned up and ready to go for the next leg of the trip. (Mark listens to funny Scottish rock music in the morning to get pumped and ready for the day. It was silly. I made fun like I do. But it was pretty good music so he gets points for taste.) Kansas City, Here we come! Woo!

So, out to the car we go. The snow had stopped (thank everything good in the heavens) and the freeway was open again. I thought that maybe we could at least get to see Kenny and have brunch with him once we got to Denver but no such luck. The freeway was still a complete ice mess. We were maybe 60 miles outside of Denver and it took us an hour and 45 minutes to get there. I cancelled plans with Kenny (sorry Kenny! We need to get together sometime really soon. Miss your face!) and decided to just keep on going. We had to make up for the lost time of the night before. So, into Kansas we went. And the ice melted. But the rains came a tumblin’ down. Pretty much the whole way through Kansas. All Mark wanted was to see a Tornado. I mean, Kansas, tornado, it seemed like a perfect fit, right? Only, I didn’t have any ruby slippers and I’m pretty sure we would have died if we saw a tornado. At the very least, I would have peed myself and that’s no fun for anyone. Let’s just say that I said a prayer (or a few) that we wouldn’t see a tornado and that we’d actually get to where we were supposed to be staying that night and get to dance a bit with the sweethearts in the KC scene.

So we drove…

and drove…

and drove…

Kansas is flat. It seemed like a really long drive (it was 12 hours to get to the other side of Kansas from the other side of Denver). Especially when you have to go slower than normal because the roads are icy. Which Mark did. Because he’s a good driver. And wanted to still be alive. And for that, I am grateful. But this be said for Kansasians (what do you people call yourselves?), they love them some Jesus.

I’ll get some pictures up as soon as I can. We took some great ones as we were driving along and when we stopped at different rest stops. Ok, actually I took the pictures of Mark as we were stopped at rest stops because I hate having my picture taken and, apparently, I have a phobia of the camera all together. Mark took the best pictures of the signs as we drove along because, evidently, I’m camera stupid. I’ll prove it when I get the pictures up. None are of me. 🙂

Anyway, we made it through the flat, raininess that was Kansas but not before I almost ran us off the road. It was dark and rainy and my poor poor Trixie had stupid headlights that pointed at the ground pretty much directly in front of the car so seeing ahead of you more than 5 feet was practically impossible. Add that to the fact that you can’t see the lines anyway because all the light is reflecting off the water on the road and you get almost dead us. But I corrected and we didn’t die, hence why this blog post is be written now. (Because I couldn’t write it if I was dead because I would be dead.) Anyway, we stopped off at a rest stop about an hour or so outside of Kansas City and found a t-shirt that was perfect for Mark (I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t get it for him). It was something about a little tornado chaser. I’m hoping I still have a picture of that somewhere… HERE IT IS! Isn’t he just so cute??

Well, our drive was coming to an end and we made it safely to Kansas City. And we danced with the cutie-patooties there. Much thanks to Amber, our hostess with the mostest. Not only were she and her family playing host to two random strangers from Utah on their way to Virginia, but hosting two other people from I-don’t-even-know-where-exactly that were on their way to Denver for Mile High Blues. Strangers passing in the night. But we all became friends. And Mark almost got himself molested by the girl who was headed to Denver. She thought he was a tasty treat that she wanted to nibble on for a bit. Hehehehehehe! It was pretty funny. I still make fun of him for that. Mostly because she was NOT shy about it at all. I would say she was a bit aggressive. Like a sledgehammer to the head is subtle.

And so the night ended. Mark and I in one guest room (he let me have the bed. Sweetheart.) with the door shut and the other two guests in another down the hall. The only awkward thought going through our heads was, “I hope neither of us has to pee during the night because the bathroom in here doesn’t have a door.”


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