Sweet? Or Creepy?

Have you ever had a love song message left for you?

I did about 2 weeks a go. Seems sweet, right? They played the song all the way thorough and even let the DJ on the station say the name of the song and artist. Aw! Tender! How unexpected! It definitely made me smile a bit. 🙂

But then I got to thinking about this a little bit more….

They didn’t say anything themselves. No name, no call back number, no nothing. Not even in the background. And to make it even odder (is that a word? Or is it “more odd?” All you word nerds out there let me know, k? Thanks!) it was left on my work phone. AND it was all static-y and stuff. That’s not so normal.

I don’t know of anyone that I know, other than people who work for the same company as me, that has my work phone number. So this is where I wonder if it’s creepy. Rightfully so, right? Or am I just crazy and not need to worry about it. Should I just accept it as a sweet gesture and be happy at the thought of a possible secret admirer? Or should I be walking out of my office every day with a can of pepper spray skillfully hidden in my hand and pray that Chuck Norris comes to save me should I need saving from a crazy stalker-man?

I don’t know. What do you think? Should I be all girlie and swoony wondering who my shy-but-sweet possible admirer is? Or should I pray that I register on the Chuck Norris-o-meter for a heroic display of manliness and bravery?

Oh! This was the song that was left. I hope you enjoy. I got a kick out of it.

Yeah. I know.


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4 Responses to Sweet? Or Creepy?

  1. Jeff says:

    more odd. I am sure that helps. 😀

  2. Arae Wyatt says:

    I am no word nerd but i am pretty sure that odder is a river dwelling mammal, related to the weasel… they are pretty cute. I think that was Hermione’s petronus… Hope that’s helpful! 😉

  3. amyboo says:

    between sweet or creepy, i vote creepy. on a creepfactor scale from 1 to 10, i initially gave this a 3. then i listened to the song. um…wow…it has been bumped up to a creepfactor 5.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    So now that I listened to the song I can understand why you would be creeped out. I have never heard that song before, but listening to the words… Need I say more? Plus on the part where he says, “the feeling’s gone” he says the “s” weird – like he has a lisp or something and that makes the song THAT much creepier sounding. Let’s just hope that whoever sent the message got the wrong number… Love you Michelle!

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