Another Blog?

Yep. That’s right my Lovies! I have another blog. It will be pretty much nothing like this one. It will be one for serious musing on my part.

What’s that you ask? “Does The Shimmy ever do any ‘Serious Musing?'”

As shocking as it may seem, the answer is Duh! Of course I do. Doesn’t everyone every once in a while?

So, I’m giving you the disclaimer right now: If you want to read that one too, just know that you will meet a different side of me. There’s hardly any giggling there. I know, right? How is that even possible? But somehow it is.

And now, you’ll be getting this great 2-for-1 deal! I promise you that every time I update my other blog, I’ll update this one too! Wow! Can it get any better? I submit that it cannot! Well, maybe if you add a cookie to it. But I make no promises on the cookie.

Yeah. So….if you wanna check out the other blog, its at OR you could just click on the link called “Another Side of Me” in my blogroll. It’s just right over there, just in case you were wondering. —————>

Oh, and HI! Did you miss me?? I’m sorry my Babies! I won’t do that long-time-gone thing to you again. Mama is here to stay.


About Mishimmy

Just a person who says stuff from time to time.
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