25 random things about me…Just in case you wanted to know.

1. This is because of one of those silly note things from facebook that I just decided to put on here because I haven’t posted anything on here for so long. I thought, “Here’s a good way to do that blogging thing again.” I could be totally wrong though. Oh, well. Here it is anyway.

2. I have moved 41 times. I’m really hoping I don’t make it to 75 but not holding my breath on that one.

3. I lived in the south when I was little and have a southern drawl that only comes out when I talk to or about my daddy or when I watch a movie where they speak with an accent.

4. I like to sing. I think I have a pretty decent voice. My secret ambition that’s not so secret is that I want to be a jazz singer someday. But I need to find my inner sexy black woman first.

5. I love chocolate cake with white frosting. Any other way is just weird. Except maybe ice cream cake.

6. I make AMAZING yams. (Thanks Grandma Saxton!)

7. I’m always about 15-20 minutes late for work everyday. And I try really hard not to be.

8. I’ve been swing dancing for 6 years. You know, like the big band swing stuff. Balboa is my favorite style of dance.

9. I haven’t seen my dad in 10 years. But every time I hear “Saturday, In the Park” by Chicago I have to call him and tell him I love him.

10. Traci drew a dust Mrs. Pac-man on my dashboard the last time she was out here. Its still there.

11. I’m not afraid to try new kinds of food. I’ve eaten frog legs and crickets before (not at the same time). I’m always up for something interesting.

12. I think I’m the black sheep of my family. I’m the only not crazy one.

13. I don’t know quite where I fit in the world. I’m sorta everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

14. I share my birthday with my best friend and with my boss.

15. I’m a walking disaster. I hurt myself regularly without even trying. I kick one of the drawers on my desk regularly because its a sneaky little sucker who likes to open secretly and catch me off guard.

16. I have a personal trainer who trains me for free. She’s amazing and I am almost always sore anymore. Its a good sore. I just have to keep telling myself that.

17. I wish I were 5 feet tall. I just barely missed the mark at 4’11 & 3/4″. But I don’t have to duck very often. I like the fact that I can use the little pink door at Kid to Kid.

18. I hate the fact that my New Year’s Resolution was to make this the year of No regrets and I keep having things come up that I want/need to do and they almost always contradict each other.

19. I think God has a sense of humor and that I’m his personal jester the vast majority of the time. I think He gets a big kick out of me.

20. I’m not a very sappy girl. But when I have my “girly” moments, they’re really girly. Make you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit kind of girly.

21. I went to massage therapy school for a semester. I’ve been thinking about going back just so I can have that skill to be able to do something nice for family and friends. And it would be nice for my future husband. I’m sure he’d appreciate it. If I can still give massages when I’m 90, that is.

22. I think almost anything meaningful I could ever say has already been said by someone else.

23. I like to think I’m a good listener.

24. I tend to be really funny at the most inconvenient times. Like if you’re in pain and you say “Don’t make me laugh.” You better brace yourself for some serious pain.

25. I only have one ticklish spot. And I bite when anyone tries to tickle me. True story. Just ask Justin.



What do you think are some random things about me?? What are some fun random things about you that you think I should know?? Tell me!


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2 Responses to 25 random things about me…Just in case you wanted to know.

  1. amyboo says:

    don’t we all wish we could find our inner sexy black woman?

  2. traci says:

    yay for ms. pacman! you should never ever ever wash your dash. ever.

    but this is you we’re talking about, so i’m not worried. 😉

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