As promised…Proof that I need a better filter sometimes.

I went to St. George this weekend. It was beautiful and freezing. Isn’t southern Utah supposed to be warm or something? Yeah, I know its winter but come on! Its the desert. And the old people live there. And it’s close to Las Vegas. Isn’t’ some of the warmth from all of that sin supposed to radiate over to a place that’s located so near it? I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, back to my story.

On my way down to St. George the other day I had a memory about a friend of mine and some of the shenanigans we had down there a few years ago. I decided to text him (I think I’m only this tactful around the opposite sex) and have a good laugh about the memory. My text read “Hey Kid! I’m on my way to St. George and I’m having flashbacks of you pant-less and me making a flying exit off of a bed. Hahahaha!”

Yep. That’s what I said. Funniest part about this? I didn’t even figure out how badly that could have been taken until 2 whole hours later. I am that slow. As soon as I realized this (as I had been dozing off in my sweet innocence), my eyes shot open and I announced to the other people in the car what I had done. If I’m stupid, someone should be able to have some joy at my expense, right? Announcing my stupidity, therefore, becomes a must.

I, then, texted (is it “texted” or “text”?)  my friend back and apologized profusely, hoping he had understood what I meant. Not awkward at all, right? Totally played that one completely cool. I’m awesome like that.

That trip with him to St. George (oh so long ago) was great. Just after we had gotten down there, we were deciding who was going to sleep where. My friend, Mandi, and I were going to be sharing a bed. We were showing each other how we slept and how much space we needed when Andy decided that he wanted to stand in the doorway and listen to our conversation. I had my back to the door and didn’t know he was standing there. I had this urge to look behind me, but, not expecting anything or anyone to be there, was SHOCKED to see him standing there. He scared me sooo bad that I literally did a 180 in the air and fell off a bed that was at least 3 1/2 feet off the ground. That was good times. He laughed at me for 20 minutes, went into the bathroom to compose himself and brush his teeth and laughed at me again just as hard when he looked at me again while brushing his teeth. That’s me making a flying leap out of a bed. Sounds like something I would do, doesn’t it?

Poor Andy had to put up with three girls on this trip all by himself. I am very proud of him for making it through with so little emotional damage. The poor kid, a day later, was changing his pants (in a room with walls that were mostly made of glass mind you) when one of the other girls decided she wanted to go make a funny face at him. The other two of us knew that he was changing but didn’t know what she was about to do. So, as she ever so slyly rounded the corner (*snicker* sly and this girl NEVER belong in the same sentence) with her face ready for making a funny, she catches him pulling his pants up and the face and sound that came out of her was one that no one was expecting. Eyes bulging out of her head, face a deep puce color, she squealed and babbled random apologies as she bolted out of the house to find some solace from her embarrassment. We all laughed as hard as we had when I did my bed acrobatics.

Those were good times. *Looking off dreamily at the ceiling*

Anyway, that’s my story. The End.

–Events in this story are all true. No names were changed to protect the identities of people in this story because I’m not nice enough to do such a thing and I think its funnier to be that way and all credit should be given where credit is due. If you ever meet/see one of these people, be sure to laugh a lot and say something about pants and beds. Thank you.


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One Response to As promised…Proof that I need a better filter sometimes.

  1. Mandi says:

    That was a fun trip…Poor Andy…

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