Trying to keep up with yourself is kinda fun!

Have you ever tried to have two conversations at the same time? How about two different conversations with the same person? That is really fun to try to do.

It’s kind of hard to not mix up the conversations with one another. I was doing this tonight with my brother-in-law, Neil. I started chatting with him on gchat then he saw that I was checking facebook too and decided to play a game of tag or something.

I think it might have been a bit easier for me to keep up, I think, because I’m a female. We all know that females have a better ability to multi task than males do. I had to keep reminding him to talk to me on one and then the other. I think it would have been easier to keep his attention going the way it should have been if he had ADD and not OCD. Two completely separate realms there kids. Opposite ends of the spectrum as a matter of fact. But most people know that already.

Things can get kinda goopy in a double conversation though. Kinda like a guy who doesn’t clean the earwax out of his ears often enough. (Hahahaha! There you go Neil. That was just for you.) Gross visual. I’m sorry. But we were able to work it out pretty nicely. It was a lot of fun. Talking with my brother-in-law, having two conversations at the same time. Not the earwax thing. Sorry to bring that up again.

Anyway, moral of the story is: If you get a chance to have two conversations at the same time with the same person, give it a go. See how long you can keep it up and have two very real and separate discussions. You know what you should try? Try to have a heated debate in one and have a funny something-or-other going on in the other and see if you can keep your emotions appropriate to each conversation! If you do that, you have to let me know how it goes.


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