Kinda sad day today

I work with people with disabilities. I’ve been doing this for quite some time. I love what I do. Its definately not a job for the money. As a matter of fact, I get paid squat. My clients make it worth going to work everyday.

Actually, they did make it worth going to work every day. Now I’m the receptionist for the same company. Anyway, now that I’ve gotten all of the technical stuff out of the way….

I still love my job and I get to see many of the people we serve on a regular basis. Not to mention the really cute guy that works at Copytech that has to come in all the time to get approvals and drop stuff off like our business cards and what not. (This is a really good reason to go to work every day. 😉 ) I also worked with the foster care division of our company for a bit. I was a tracker for the foster kids.

Today was pretty bitter sweet with some of the kids I used to track for. They are moving to Orem, Utah tonight to live with a new foster family that may adopt them. (Fingers crossed and lots of prayers for this.) That was the sweet part. The bitter part is for me and those of us that have worked with them for the past little while. We are losing them to another company who is based in Utah County. (I live and work in Salt Lake County.) I don’t get to see them anymore when they come in for therapy and Team meetings anymore. I really love these kids.

They deserve an amazing family. They are some of the greatest kids I have ever met. They always made me smile and, if I had had the means to, i would have taken them myself. Alas, I am poor and don’t have my own place so I couldn’t take them. I’m really going to miss them but I sincerely hope that they are now going to be in an envirionment where they will feel the love they crave and rightfully deserve. I hope they finally get a real family.

I gave them my phone number and address and am really hoping that they don’t lose it. Actually, I kinda wish that they would call me tomorrow or something so I could set up a time to go down and visit them and take them out to dinner. But I don’t think that will happen.

They will be in my prayers. I hope they get a turn to be really happy now.


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One Response to Kinda sad day today

  1. Karenvizzy says:

    I’m sorry sweetheart! I know they will end up in good families! And I know they are very very very grateful for all of the hard work, dedication, and love you have shown each and every one of them. It will affect them throughout their entire life! Love you!

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