Would you buy this?

I found out today that the evil devil lady who was the property manager of a place I used to live in is no longer working for that company. This thought filled my heart with happiness and joy. (Yes, I know. I’m spiteful and vindictive. But I make up for it in so many other ways.)

I was able to share these beautiful words with my ex-Zanzibar spouse, Traci, and we savored the moment (and solicited our enjoyment with all of our unsuspecting friends on Twitter) by being our passive-aggressive selves with lots of snide comments about how we should send her a care package to celebrate her termination.

Now, know that we would never actually send her anything like that. We’re not really that mean. And, well, to be completely honest, the Sadistic Property Manager scared the bejeezus out of us and we REALLY don’t want to be in contact with her in any way, shape, or form.

Traci then asked if Hallmark made cards to go along with such a time of pleasantness. I told her that I didn’t know but if they did they would probably make some good money from products like that.

Then, the thought hit me. Such a product really could make some money. Think about it, sending someone a card to say just what you’ve always wanted to tell them but never had the guts to. Like in this case, (Traci and Amy thought up this one. I think its GENIUS!) The front of the card could have a sad kitty on it with it saying “I’m sorry you got fired…” and then when you open it up the inside would say “…and I wasn’t there to see your face!”

Harsh, yes. Entertaining, without a doubt! How many people want to say stuff like that? We could also have other ones that say stuff like “Well, at least you think you’re pretty.”, or other such nonsense.

What do you think? Would you ever buy such a product? I think this is one of those things that people would buy and really, really want to send to someone, (I bet you can think of at least one or two people right at this moment you would like to send one of these to. You are, huh?) but wouldn’t actually send it out. But they would have thought about it, seriously considered it, and then put it away because they are too nice to do it.

But I am very curious now. Would you send someone something slightly mean and full of sarcasm that said exactly what you wanted to say to them?

P.S. Just so you know, I’m starting to feel a bit guilty about wanting to do this but I’m still pretty giggly over it.


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5 Responses to Would you buy this?

  1. SpecialK says:

    Burning bridges and kicking bad people when they are down just encourages them to be more spiteful and vindictive to other people in their lives who might not deserve it. While I think it’s funny and that there is a market for it, there are ways to encourage mean people to change for the better. There are also other people in their lives who don’t deserve abuse for your actions.

  2. Ransom says:

    I worry that the existence of such a product would encourage someone to use it. So let’s keep it off the store shelves. But it sounds like a great premise for an art exhibit!

  3. traci says:

    dude. i wasn’t joking about sending the care package. she deserves far worse than that, and you know it. 🙂 i would mail it from some place where i’m not from, but i would totally do it.

  4. Michelle says:

    Tee-hee! Thanks! I thought that one up. 😀

  5. amyboo says:

    “well at least you think you’re pretty.” bwahahahahahahaha! that was brilliant.

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